La cosa va de camisas: Taylor Tomasi-Hill versus Natasha Goldenberg


Photo: Fashionologie

Although there has been very cold and long coat also in these Fashion Weeks, we had the opportunity to see what the fashion insiders worn under them and this time, it goes to shirts.

I had this picture of Taylor Tomasi-Hill saved from Fashion Week New York. I liked it because only a few (among which is Taylor) could overlay two combining shirts with baggy pants and not die trying.

Foto:, All the Pretty Birds.

On the other hand we have Natasha Goldenberg and his particular way to wear the shirt , oversize but also giving a more feminine touch with skirt in black and white and pearl Chanel maxicollar. What do you think the two options?

The style of … Natasha Goldenberg

Continuing with my obsession with the Russian team (which in this step will end up becoming the Russian mafia) today talk about the style of Natasha Goldenberg . For those who do not know anything about her, Natasha is Miroslava Duma’s best friend, they went to school together and even got almost pregnant at the same time. As Miroslava, N Atasha has worked for Russian edition of Hello and Grazia , but is now focused on her clothing line Tzipporah (pink jacket third photo is a creation).

The first time I checked it ( like Diane Kruger ) was the total look pink and is that any looks from Natasha leave you indifferent . There is always something of his looks that attracts your attention, whether they are particular garments or his extensive collection of accessories (especially necklaces and accessories for the hair, it is almost impossible not to see him with one).

The style of Caroline Brasch Nielsen …

Along with Hanne Gaby hate you, Caroline Brasch Nielsen is the model I like to see in the street style of Fashion Weeks. He born in 1993 in Denmark . In 2010, she was discovered eating in a restaurant in Stockholm and later that year signed for the Elite agency and makes debut in Week Paris Fashion hand Dries Van Noten . On the catwalk, also would parade for Balenciaga, Celine, Miu Miu, Givenchy, Yves Saint Larent, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

His style is very sporty , I do not know anyone more obsession with sneakers Chanel that she usually opts for denim , whether shirts, bibs and pants but occasionally also see your feminine side, like gray dress photo penultimate point.

The style of … Candela Novembre


I confess that knew little of Candela Novembre until a few weeks ago came across a picture of him on Pinterest (disaster that drawer where you can find everything). I discovered a little investigating Candela Pelizza Tricaric left his native Argentina at age 17 to be model in Milan , where he met and married the architect Fabio Novembre and where he lives now with him and his two daughters. (In Tales of Endearment you can see his amazing home). After his marriage, Candela has continued to work as a model but less intensely and now collaborates with the Italian edition of Grazia magazine.


In addition, Candela is quite active in Instagram , where in addition to their daily looks hangs photo of his family, he attends parties and parades:


The Air Max by Julia Sarr-Jamois

After the fashion weeks, the review (with much more calm) of the collections and photos of street style begins. And one of the indispensable in this review is Julia Sarr-Jamois . To the editor of Wonderland she has given this time by the Nike Air Max combining clothes from Balenciaga, J. W Anderson or Celine. And I, Air Max owns a few months ago, I could not be happier.


Kristen Stewart: una mujer adelantada a su tiempo

Kristen Stewart would rained down bats and top spot on the worst dressed lists now been exalted by designers as the trend of the season.

Long ago sneakers seized the street style and many collections of ready-to-wear, but ah not until this season when haute couture (Chanel and Dior to be exact) has also been given to sneakers .

Kristen stewart-red-carpet-sneakers-converse-nike-vans

If something’s appearances are characterized Kristen Stewart on the red carpet is changing heels to sneakers actress made as the last flash of the camera turns off that portrays him before the photocall of turn, which does not prevent Let us all witness this exchange.

Zuhair Murad, Marchesa, Balmain … there are many dresses with which we could see Kristen Stewart in the premieres of his films and all end up being accompanied in the same way: with a pair of Converse, Vans and Nike sneakers . And precisely this gesture that could have done that Stewart is being tempted with a juicy contract to be the new image of Nike.

Who is laughing now fashion critics?