The style of … Natasha Goldenberg

Continuing with my obsession with the Russian team (which in this step will end up becoming the Russian mafia) today talk about the style of Natasha Goldenberg . For those who do not know anything about her, Natasha is Miroslava Duma’s best friend, they went to school together and even got almost pregnant at the same time. As Miroslava, N Atasha has worked for Russian edition of Hello and Grazia , but is now focused on her clothing line Tzipporah (pink jacket third photo is a creation).

The first time I checked it ( like Diane Kruger ) was the total look pink and is that any looks from Natasha leave you indifferent . There is always something of his looks that attracts your attention, whether they are particular garments or his extensive collection of accessories (especially necklaces and accessories for the hair, it is almost impossible not to see him with one).